Grief Weavers, LLC is a grief and bereavement support practice. Our mission is to support and guide those that are grieving a loss. We provide “tools” that help integrate or “weave” one’s loss into their lives. Through journaling, written exercises, group opportunities, healing arts and talking, grieving individuals learn that the journey to healing, although painful, is possible. 

What is the philosophy of Grief Weavers?

How does this differ from psychotherapy?

Can I be in therapy and still benefit from your service? 

We do not accept health insurance for our services. However, we have a generous sliding scale fee and make every attempt to work with you and your financial situation to get the support you need. 

Does my health insurance pay for this service?

Psychotherapy is a process in which a trained professional enters into a relationship with a patient for the purpose of helping the patient with symptoms of mental illness, behavioral problems or personal growth. Psychotherapy involves a diagnosis and treatment plan. Our bereavement support practice involves helping people work through the normal life experience of grief.

Yes. Many clients have their own therapist that they may be seeing on an ongoing basis. Our service is unique and is often complementary to individual therapy.  

Can you prescribe medication?

We do not prescribe medication, but will refer you to a psychopharmacologist or to your primary care provider should we feel that medication may be helpful. Most people grieve normally and do not require medication to cope with their feelings. However some individuals who have struggled with depression or anxiety or who have intense feelings of grief over a long period of time may find that medication allows them to cope with the feelings associated with the grief journey. 

How do you determine if a client is seen individually or in a group? 

That is actually up to each individual. Most individuals who have never attended a group are often apprehensive about the experience. Those that complete a group are grateful for the peer support and group exercises that are part of each group session. Sometimes a client will start with one on one and then ask to be included in a group. 

How are your groups structured?

All of our groups (children and adults) are “closed.” This means that the group members stay the same throughout all of the sessions. Group members must commit to the length of the support group. We do not have “drop in” groups which is a model that some use where group members may always change and they do not need to commit to the sessions.  

Does the loss have to be recent or can it be from years prior? 

Grief is a never ending process. We have had clients that suffered a loss years prior and have benefited from our services. Oftentimes, other losses trigger feelings that resurface and it can be helpful to have support around the feelings.  

My daughter’s friend died from an illness and my child is profoundly sad, do you have support for children that are not related to the family? 

Grief Weavers not only addresses the needs of adults but also those of children and teenagers. Children grieve and need to express their grief, but do so differently from adults. Children use play to express their feelings and concerns. They benefit from an environment in which they feel safe to ask questions and let their feelings show. At Grief Weavers we use puppets, journals, creative arts, and toys to assist children on their grief journey. Some children enjoy one on one sessions while others prefer being in a group of children who are in a similar situation. 

Is there a set number of visits that one must commit to? 

No, individuals or couples that meet for one-on-one support may feel as though one session is helpful in normalizing their grief and gaining enough tools to help them with their grief journey. Others feel that more than one session is helpful, but that is the decision of the individual or couple to make. Some people schedule an appointment with a staff member at Grief Weavers when they feel as though they need a “check in” or “tune up” but there is no set schedule. 

Will I ever get over my grief? 

Although the feelings that accompany grief and the mourning process can be painful and at times exhausting, one does not “get over” grief. What we hope to accomplish at Grief Weavers is to assist those who grieve to integrate the loss into their lives so that it becomes a part of them, not what defines them. Grief is a never ending process, but feelings change over time and most people report that, in time, they are able to live life and enjoy life. They learn to live a life that is a “new normal,” and accept that there is no going back to the life they lived before their loss. 

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