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Grief Weavers, LLC is a practice for individuals, couples, and groups designed to facilitate the grief process by providing an environment in which bereaved persons can acknowledge, understand, and integrate or “weave” grief & loss into their lives.

Grief is a normal reaction to loss.  It encompasses a broad range of feelings and thoughts including sadness, anger, and confusion.  In today’s fast-paced world, grief is often not acknowledged.  Thus the bereaved person is left without a way to express those feelings and thoughts.

Some people who are grieving enjoy the peer support of others who have had a similar loss—for those people, Grief Weavers provides support groups for all ages. Others who are bereaved like to meet one-on-one with a grief facilitator—for those people Grief Weavers provides individual and/or couples’ sessions.


Grief is a journey that no one ever wants to embark upon, but ironically, all of us will travel that journey many times in our lives. The journey of grief is not quick, and the goal is not to “get over it.” Rather, grief is something that we make part of us by weaving grief into the tapestry of our life.


Grief Weavers cannot take away your grief or to help you grieve faster. We will however, be your companions on your journey, by guiding you, by providing you with an understanding of your grief and being by your side as you experience the varied aspects of grief.


If you or someone you know is grieving,

Grief Weavers can offer you support for the following:


· The death of a loved one

· A new medical diagnosis for yourself or a family member

· A traumatic or unexpected death

· Infertility

· A complicated pregnancy or any reproductive loss

· The divorce of parents

· The death of a parent                        


If you are an educator, health provider or a funeral director,

Grief Weavers can offer you:


· Consultations

· In-service presentations

· Grief curriculum



             “Life is change. Growth is optional.

         Choose wisely.”                   ~Karen Kaiser Clark





“We grieve as deeply as we love.”